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SOLD   SOLD  SOLD   Adult Size Moccasins    - New Listing 12/22/00  SOLD SOLD SOLD

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This is very nice pair of beaded moccasins as you can see from the images.  More details will be provided later.  Please let me know if you have idea of the tribe and age.  We are asking $600.  Excellent condition. $600  Item # 128

Sioux Child's Burial Moccasins

Photo 1 - Photo 2
These completely beaded moccasins are 4 3/4" long and 2" high. They are in excellent condition. $2500 Item #10087.

Cheyenne Child's Moccasins

These beaded moccasins are 7" long and probably worn by a 4 to 5 year old. They are in excellent condition. $2500 Item #10019.

Sioux Adult-Size Moccasins
These beaded moccasins are in good condition. $2,100 Item #10050.

Sioux Adult-Size Moccasin Tops
These beaded moccasin tops are in good condition. $1,100 Item #10041.

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