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Native American Indian Baskets and Other Items Welcome to the Longhouse, a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of Indian basketry, clothing, and other authentic items made by American Indians.
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Sioux Fully-Beaded Knife Sheath and Carved Bone-Handled Knife
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This sioux sheath is fully-beaded on both sides. The knife has a carved bone handle and is 7" long. The sheath is 6" long. Both were purchased at and Indian Auction and are in good condition. $850 Item #10096 longhouse@indianbaskets.com

Large Cheyenne knife and Beaded Knife Sheath
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This Cheyenne sheath is beaded on both sides and is 11" long. The leather is soft. The knife is heavy and 15" long. Both are in good condition and would make a nice addition to any collection. $750 Item #10097 longhouse@indianbaskets.com

Child's Tomahawk
This is an excellent piece. The handle is 7" long and covered in soft leather. The head is smooth red stone 3" from tip to tip. It is beaded just under the head. Tribe unknown. $1,500 Item #10017. longhouse@indianbaskets.com

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