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Native American Indian Baskets and Other Items Welcome to the Longhouse, a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of Indian basketry, clothing, and other authentic items made by American Indians.
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Indian Baskets
Indian Baskets
Indian Baskets
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Indian Baskets
Indian Baskets
Indian Baskets
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Indian Baskets

Indian Baskets - Clothing

Plains Indian Child's Dress
This toddler's dress measures 18" high and 22" across (sleave to sleave). It is beaded across the shoulders and made of a very soft leather. $3,500. Item #10058.

Modoc Hat
This is an excellent example of a Modoc hat. $800 Item #10068.

Child'sYokut Hat

This child's Yokut hat is in perfect condition. $2,500. Item #10004.

These soft partially beaded leather gloves are in good condition. $700. Item #10018.

Plains Leggings
These beaded leggings are in good shape. They are 8" tall, 10" across the top and 7 1/4" across the bottom.. $900. Item #10034.

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